Weekend reading revisited

Some things I found on the weekend which you might like. The UNIX-HATERS Handbook, which reminded me that for all the religious hype over Unix/Linux it really is just a kludge. (Hat-tip of the geekiest kind to Alastair Rankine.) A NY Times article How Dangerous Is the Internet for Children? Answer: not particularly. A fine Wired story about Titan Salvage, the smart, brave and somewhat scary guys who salvage ships. And Possums Pollytics’ wonderful response to an attack by The Australian‘s Dennis Shanahan.

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  1. Alastair’s avatar

    Proud to say that I still have my dead-tree version of the Unix-Haters Handbook *with* the accompanying Unix Barf Bag (unused).


  2. Stilgherrian’s avatar

    @Alastair: A barf bag, eh? Now there’s some sensible packaging! And still we use *nix…



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