25% Irrigated

Irrigated farms generate a quarter of Australia’s agricultural production, according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The gross value of irrigated production was $9 billion in 2003-04. Irrigated horticulture made up 52% of that, followed by irrigated pastures (24%) and irrigated broadacre crops (24%).

So what happens when global warming dries out the canals? $12/kg bananas will be remembered as the good times, and forget cheap wines from Mudgee.

3-year-old buys car on Internet

Photo of mother and 3yo car buyerForget identity theft, your bank account could be at risk from your own web-surfing toddlers.

News from the BBC today that 3-year-old Jack Neal used his mother’s credit card to buy a £9000 pink Nissan from eBay.

“Rachael Neal, 36, said her son was quite good at using the computer, the BBC reports. Well, yes.

The seller of the car, Paul Jones, co-director of Worcester Road Motors in Stourport-on-Severn, near Kidderminster, Worcestershire, said he had been “amused” by the bid. It’s the first time they’ve sold a car on eBay.

He saw the funny side of the event, and has re-advertised the car.

Look at the emergencies! Hear the Earth!

Two views of the Earth which help put things in perspective — AlertMap and Breathing Earth.

Alert Map

AlertMap (and the original Hungarian version) shows the emergencies and disasters happening on earth right now in real time — everything in the last 24 hours including biological hazards, epidemics, earthquakes, tropical storms, tornados, hail, aviation accidents, active volcanoes and more. Click on each icon for a detailed description and map.

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