Reclaiming Fascism: perspective please, people!

No, this isn’t an apologia for Nazis, far from it. It’s a plea to reserve “fascist” for situations which actually warrant the term.

There may (may the gods forbid!) come a time when we need to label a government fascist and be taken seriously. So please, don’t devalue it by calling every little disruption of personal choice “fascist”. It’s a very poor media strategy.

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Monopoly for the 21st Century

Monopoly Here & Now tokens

The classic Parker Brothers game Monopoly has been “updated” for the 21st Century. In the Monopoly Here & Now limited edition, the familiar player tokens of the top hat, the boot, the old-fashioned sports car and the rest are gone — replaced by a laptop, a mobile phone, trainers, a coffee cup and a bag of fries.

Inflation has struck. No longer do you collect $200 when you pass “Go”. Your salary is $2,000,000 — but then the real estate prices are up in the millions too. The railway stations have been replaced by a cell-phone service and an ISP. Community Chest cards include “You are runner up on a Reality TV show. Collect $100,000,” and in a Chance card you get a tax break for driving a hybrid car.

But in the ultimate concession to the New Century, there’s product placement. The coffee cup token is Starbucks-branded, and the fries are McDonald’s.

Should you wish to try before you buy, there’s an interactive demo.

Royal Navy’s first ever gay sex

According to that ever-reliable journal, The Sun, fitness instructor Sam Connell is the Royal Navy‘s first ever male trainer to be accused of a sexual liaison with a male recruit. That’s right, the very first. Ever.

Now it just so happens that Mr Connell is a finalist in Mr Gay UK. And while the prize money is only £5000, it strikes me that having his photo in The Sun won’t harm his post-RN career path. A hunky “I was a sailor” fitness instructor should do quite nicely.

And thank you to Richard Watts for keeping his eye on the tabloids. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.