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June 9th, 2009

Wed plan: A desk day, working slowly and steadily through the pile of things on my plate without getting annoyed. WithOUT, I say.

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@ncb Looking at the code, I must admit I made the effort to keep it neat and tidy, even tho a “quick hack”. Pleased with myself.

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Actually, I’m impressed that a web-scraping robot I wrote in 2001 has been running daily ever since with only 3 minor changes. Perl FTW!

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Just fixed a regular expression which broke ‘cos the site I’m scraping changed its HTML. Second time since 2001. Before coffee. Must be ill.

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@garthk @goddessfleur Quite possibly your proposed solutions are incompatible.

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@kcarruthers It may have be funneh seeing me in a room full of lawyers, but it was even moar funneh seeing Gnaomi there! ;)

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I never knew lawyers could be so exhausting. Except that one time. [exit]

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@maverickwoman My liveblog has many more details. I’ll post something tomorrow, I’m sure.

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SoGikII was essentially a BarCamp for lawyers. I feek dirty but… fulfilled.

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In a cab, en route from Coogee to Enmore. What an odd but wonderful day.

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I’ve forgotten the name of the restaurant I’m in, but it’s fun to hear the cyberlawgeeks idolise Lessig over acceptable wine.

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And SoGikII is over! Drinks at the Coogee Legion Club (!) now, then to the dinner at wherever. Attention limited.

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@pixel8ted I used to move house a few years ago and was very happy with them. YMMV.

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@trib Those issues, which were covered in depth, are described in more details on my liveblog. ;)

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@clutterbells @trib Individual views of “obscenity” do of course depend on individual taste. But this is a law conference. ;)

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The question in the current presentation is about what makes something “obscene”.

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SoGikII afternoon session beginning, and I’m liveblogging at Yum, conference coffee, brewed to bitter death.

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I’m continuing to liveblog from SoGikII at, for my sins.

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