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January 15th, 2014

I know 33C is nothing compared with the southern states today, nevertheless I am not coping with that as today’s Mountains temperature.

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@danmikhael @R_Chirgwin Oh, yes, and for every category and tag by adding /feed. Including “plugins” in the question led me astray.

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PitcherJenna Bend over and say cheese.

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“Kim Dotcom forms Internet Party to run in NZ election”, reports @abcnews

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monkeytypist If you think it’s funny that the SMH can’t handle very straightforward crime stats, imagine how the national media handle “debt and deficit”

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@thetowncrier Well it works, right? I shall call momentarily.

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If their journos find BOSCAR’s clearly written reports “confusing”, you’ve got to wonder why @smh hires people who failed Year 9.

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I have enormous respect for a masthead that’s more concerned with fallaciously justifying it’s bullshit narrative than presenting the news.

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… Because BOSCAR figures show that crime levels are steady or significantly down in NSW in every single category. How us that “confusing”?

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I seem to recall tweeting when the latest BOSCAR quarterly report came out that anyone talking about a rise in crime was a liar…

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“There’s a wave of violence!” “Official figures show a 20% drop in violent crime.” “Waaa it’s confusing.” No, it’s not. You were just lying.

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Dear @smh journos, if you find BOSCAR crime statistics “confusing” then you’re not competent to be reporting on crime figures full stop.

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ChasLicc Behold as a newspaper struggles to come to terms with its scaremongering campaign being built on mindless hysteria

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Coffs Harbour, I don’t know where to begin. So many kinds of wrong.…

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