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October 2nd, 2015

@zzap It’s not ideal, but they’re not too bad if you’re willing to be flexible about time.

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@AbstractCode I am, yes, thank you. Appallingly slack tho it makes me look, it’ll have to wait a few more days.

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So, there is now a Twitter account for Skank Media, and very cleverly it has been given the handle @skankmedia.

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Plotting. And scheming.

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davidbauer Congratulations, @VW, you’re now a verb.

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@DanConifer @BreakfastNews Sure, but it’d be nice is the on-screen talent could remain dressed. People are trying to eat.

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So ABC TV’s @BreakfastNews is going all class these H@DanConiferer

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This. Has. Been. A. Very. Strange. Week. Indeed.

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Right, it’s 1700 AEST on a Friday, so you know what that means.

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NewsTalk2UE BREAKING Caller Edwin tells @JustinSmith954 he just witnessed a shooting outside NSW Police Headquarters in Parramatta

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@michaelbodey @elizabethcolman @mumbrella Ah, fair point. What’s the right verb for when I want to say that’s where I read it?

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“Too much,” @davpope? It’s barely a beginning!…

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juhasaarinen I love devops and core banking systems.

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“Subsea cable leaves Telstra customers with Apple download delays”, writes @thelaughingsub…

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@elronxenu @jturner_ibrs Sure, in the same way that as soon as people were born into the age of automobiles they were all perfect drivers.

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@R_Chirgwin It’s a CMS. Goats are insufficient. An entire kindergarten class may do the trick, though.

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Mind you, @jturner_ibrs, they’re retailers. They barely understand websites, let alone Twitter.…

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jturner_ibrs Online retails using websphere, check your logs & phone @CERTAustralia

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So, @brettrann @troyhunt, sounds like I should wait for @Patreon so sort out their database security before I plug into their services.

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troyhunt The dollar figure for the Patreon campaigns isn’t the issue, it’s supporters identities, messages, etc. Everything private now public.

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@troyhunt There’s a checkbox for anonymity, IIRC. So yeah, some patrons want to stay anonymous.

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@troyhunt This is not to detract from the other shit that you’re finding, of course.

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@troyhunt Isn’t that public information anyway? I mean, you set targets to reach etc, and Patreon’s fees are known.

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troyhunt Uh oh, looks like the Patreon dump includes messages, some with very personal info.

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“SBS reporter sacked over Anzac Day tweets given permission to sue broadcaster”, reports @mumbrella…

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troyhunt The Patreon data is currently uploading to @haveibeenpwned, notifications to impacted subscribers will follow shortly.

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Lunchtime plug: “Send Stilgherrian to Ruxcon 2015”, being a @Pozible

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@dobes Pipelines? [Scratches head.] Oh yeah, I remember now. You sue @richardaedy for that one.

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Pushing the boundaries of “breaking” out a few million years……

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Ah, so this is why my music listening turned to shit.…

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@dobes @rohan_p Why would Rohan need a budget compact sedan?

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@dobes I couldn’t possibly comment on that, but he does seem to have the Brandis disease of thinking pomposity is a mark of intelligence.

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@dobes But riddle me this. Are there any parasites that don’t steal?

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Kleptoparasites, you say? Goodness me.

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OH, Woman of a Certain Age A: “Have you heard from Veronica? Is she In Vegas now, or still partying in Fiji?” B: “Who’s Veronica?”

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Great. I can’t even spell sarcastic tweets today.

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Yes, I’m sure that’s the reason.…

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Fri plan, draft: Continue in my attempts to make October look slightly less disorganised than it is, punctuated by a few long phone calls.

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Friday. What did you think was going to happen if you just left it lying there? Friday.

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