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January 25th, 2019

@jplonie Surely it depends how we cook her.

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@jonoabroad Do I have any control over this?

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@SMinney Does that even count any more?

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If I had my own TV show, I’d love it to have a “Carrot In A Box Returns” segment. It’s a brilliant game.…

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@nazzer @zdnetaustralia Yeah it’s not the clearest piece of legislation, and I’ve read it in quite some detail and spoken with lawyers.

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GreenJ How good is social media.

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Except that it worked. I think.

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Doing bad things with a database.

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Continuing to poke at this new website I’m building in between phone interviews.

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“BuzzFeed to axe 15% of staff across the company”…

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Committing acts of journalism.

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Fri plan, confirmed: Fried rice; laundry (both done); research and writing for @zdnetaustralia, including…rq

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I keep hearing “Vice President Pence” as “Vice President Pants” and I think we have a new narrative here.

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“Department of Human Services seeks off-the-shelf ‘innovation’ platform” by @ashabeeeee… I…2o

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@rohan_p @dobes I need to become the antipodean Alex Jones.

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@tacticalmaid @dobes This may come as a surprise, @dobes, but I’ve been aware of thew RNZAF roundel for some time now.

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@shipw I didn’t know about this, so thanks!

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@goatfesttas Also, “The 9pm Private House Forum 1: Hobart” (Yes, the picture is of a…5z

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My podcast last year from @goatfesttas was the sort of thing.

“The 9pm GoatFest Tasmania”

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Dear PR and Conference People, is there a good list somewhere of events in Australia that I might like to plan…YD

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I was quiet on the internets yesterday, but I got a bunch of work done on a new website for “The 9pm Edict” and…IV

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Fri plan, draft: Fried rice; laundry; research and writing for @zdnetaustralia, then more research so I can find…fX

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@CARROT_app I know that people in Melbourne and many other places are experiencing even worse weather, but it is…BD

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This is most unreasonable, @CARROT_app. This maximum temperature is 11C above average for this time of year.

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Friday. Maybe if you replaced all the moths with embroidery it would fix your problems. Friday.

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