Stilgherrian is a freelance journalist and commentator who covers the politics of the internet and the way it’s changing power relationships at every level of society. He’s particularly interested in internet policy, cybersecurity, privacy, cybercrime and hoovering up bulldust. But that’s far from all he’s interested in.

He does a weekly newsletter titled The Weekly Cybers, a personal look at what the Australian government has been saying and doing in the digital and cyber realms, on various adjacent topics, and whatever else interests him.

He also makes terrible podcasts about politics, international affairs, and other topics, in particular The 9pm Edict.

You can hire him to help you make yours. Or to help you write and stuff.

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I have all but abandoned Twitter. As of 1 January 2024 my interactions on X/Twitter have been minimal. My posts are largely limited to plugging my work elsewhere.

My primary social media presence is now at Bluesky, where you can find me as bsky.app/profile/stilgherrian.com. ABluesky is no longer invitation-only, so why not just join?

I am also on Mastodon at eigenmagic.net/@stilgherrian. Just log into your Mastodon instance and search for @stilgherrian@eigenmagic.net.

Finally, there’s an easy way to get onto my mailing list in case you’re not already a supporter. I’ll email you about upcoming podcasts, live recordings, crowdfunding campaigns, and other bits and pieces. There’s usually only one or two emails per month, although I may well organise some more email-based things as 2024 progresses.