Stilgherrian is a freelance journalist and commentator who covers the politics of the internet and the way it’s changing power relationships at every level of society. He’s particularly interested in internet policy, cybersecurity, privacy, cybercrime and hoovering up bulldust. But that’s far from all he’s interested in.

He also makes terrible podcasts about politics, international affairs, and other topics. You can hire him to help you make yours. Or to help you write and stuff.

IS TWITTER ABOUT TO IMPLODE? If you follow me on Twitter and you’d like to stay in touch if I move somewhere else, please leave me your email address at stilgherrian.com/twitterrecovery.

You can find my Mastodon presence at the URL eigenmagic.net/@stilgherrian or by searching there for @stilgherrian@eigenmagic.net. I’ve only just started to use it, and only a little, but that’s likely to change in the near future.

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