This is intended to be a complete list of my media output over the years. If anything’s missing, please let me know. Last updated 13 September 2019.



  • Johann Jackson, Ray Jobling, Rod LeNaine Smith, Tony Porter, Andrew Scheer and Stilgherrian. Tutoring: Staff Development Techniques. Canberra: Australian Government Publishing Service, 1983. ISBN 0 644 00497 5.
  • Rod LeNaine-Smith. Report-writing Program, 3rd edition. Adelaide: Department of Transport Australia, 1982. (Editor and Designer)



  • Features Editor & Managing Partner: The Core, numbers 1 to 86. Adelaide: Core Productions, 1991–1993.
  • Editor: Bread and Circuses, numbers 1 to 27. Adelaide: Students Association of the University of Adelaide, 1979–1980.
  • The Sun (SCA newspaper). Adelaide: self-published, dates TBA.
  • Cornerstone: The Quarterly Publication of the Shire/Barony of Innilgard. Adelaide: Society for Creative Anachronism, October 1985 (AS XX) to April 1987 (AS XXI).


  • Psychopathic Silverfish. Adelaide: self-published, 22 May 1986
  • hordes of one-legged seagulls. Adelaide: self-published, 22 December 1985
  • Menu for a Palm Court Café. Adelaide: self-published, October 1985
  • The Fornt Coover. Adelaide: self-published, June 1985
  • The Exact Re-wording, numbers 1, 2, 2.1, 3. Adelaide: self-published, 1985?
  • …to cast a shadow, number 2. Adelaide: self-published, 31 May 1980.
  • to light a candle…, number 1. Adelaide: self-published, 30 March 1980.


Both iRadio and FastStart Asia Pacific would have been called “podcasts” had that word been in currency at the time. Both programs were used for internal marketing within the corporations concerned.

  • Producer: FastStart Asia Pacific, 6 episodes. Sydney (distributed online throughout the Asia-Pacific region): IBM Australia Limited, August 2003–October 2004.
  • Producer: iRadio, 4 episodes. Sydney (distributed nationally online and on audio CD: Telstra Corporation Limited, February 2002–February 2003.

this!zine™ was an award-winning CD-ROM magazine for the youth market produced by Big Hand Asia Pacific Pty Ltd, a joint venture between the Fairfax media group and Big Hand Inc of Dallas, Texas (as far as I know they have no connection with BigHand Digital Dictation).

  • Editor: this!zine, issue 1. Sydney: Big Hand Asia Pacific, February 1996.
  • Associate Editor / Associate Producer: this!zine, issue 0. Sydney: Big Hand Asia Pacific, November 1995.


  • Gay & Lesbian Internet Users: Trends and Implications. Sydney: CitySearch Australia, 1998. (unpublished confidential research)

Presentations (Conferences & Seminars)

  • The information power of multi-media: a strategic key to increase sales and profits: Capture & Use Information for Effective Targeted Marketing, IIR Conferences, Sydney, 26–26 March 1996.
  • Harnessing the power of marketing through this!zine: a live presentation: Youth Marketing, IIR Conferences, Sydney, 29 May 1996.


I worked in radio full time from 1982 to 1992 in various roles, and dabbled over the years since then. This list includes some of the highlights.

  • Station Manager: Three D Radio 93.7 FM. Adelaide: Progressive Music Broadcasting Association Inc, April 1994–March 1995.
  • Presenter (with Scott Thompson): Club Escape. Adelaide: Triple J.
  • Producer: Radio 5AN. Adelaide: Australian Broadcasting Corporation, January 1985–February 1992.


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  1. @FuriousEnnui: You’re quite correct, I’ve left out the newspaper The Sun which I did for the SCA. For that matter, there’s also the newsletter Cornerstone. will add both soon.

  2. Whoah!

    I’ve known you for 18 years and never knew you got Bread & Circuses off the ground. Is this true? Not a bad effort at all, if so. Care to tell us a bit about it?

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