Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done® (GTD) is a “A Smarter Way to Work & Live®” developed by David Allen. I’m trying to implement it in my life — poorly, as it happens, but I go get where he’s coming from. If you want to know more, check his website or buy his book Getting Things Done.

I should probably also say that GTD and Getting Things Done are registered trademarks of David Allen & Co, you know how litigious these Americans are.

OmniFocus program icon

For some time now I’ve tried to adhere to the Getting Things Done methodology for, well, getting things done. My “trusted system” has fallen into disrepair, however, and my in-tray is far from its ideal empty state, with everything properly recorded.

I’m determined to do better in 2008, however. So as I do my end-of-year clean-up, I’m recording everything in the new (beta) OmniFocus software — something designed specifically for this task. I’ll also be looking at tips from the 43folders blog.