Updates coming tomorrow

Yes, there’s been a bit of a gap in posts. There’ll be a big catch-up tomorrow, Tuesday 29 November — and there’ll be plenty for you to deal with. Brace yourself.

Not dead

Goodness. Nothing posted in more than a week. Not even a Weekly Wrap! I am aware of this. You’ll get a Weekly Wrap late today, and something new tomorrow.

Early flight to Canberra

A brief reminder: I’m about to head to Canberra for a couple of days. This morning I’ll be at the University of Canberra for the seminar Privacy and security in a connected world: anonymity, data loss, tracking and the social web, being organised by their new Centre for Internet Safety. And then tomorrow morning I’ll be at Parliament House for the Microsoft Politics & Technology Forum. I do have some free time in the afternoons if you want to catch up.

Sydney, Gold Coast for Kickstart, Sydney

Time for a quick update on my movements. As I write this, I’m on a train returning from the Blue Mountains to Sydney, where I’ll be spending Saturday night. I’m then on the Gold Coast for the Kickstart Forum from Sunday 27 February to Tuesday 2 March, then back in Sydney for a few days to attend, amongst other things, Digital Directions 2011 [nee Media 2011] on Thursday 3 March. It’s then Mardi Gras weekend in Sydney, so I’ll probably escape back to the Blue Mountains. More details soon, or via my Twitter stream.