Weekly Wrap 430: Winter illnesses, but interesting words

Sydney Central StationWhat an “interesting” fortnight. I was ill for most of Monday 13 to Sunday 26 August 2018, though some articles did emerge before the lurgi struck. At least I had an excuse for taking the week off to watch the downfall of prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.


Media Appearances

Podcasts, Media Appearances, Corporate Largesse

None, but I will finally have the next podcast done in the next ten days. Promise.

The Week Ahead

The first half of the week will be spent in Sydney. Monday is about writing, with one or possibly even two columns emerging for ZDNet. On Tuesday I’m covering CLOUDSEC Australia 2018. And on Wednesday I’ve got a mix of writing and meetings.

Thursday is a take-it-easy day. Friday should be about writing again, though I want to spend a day in Cronulla for podcast-related reasons.

Further Ahead

I’ve pencilled in:

Update 2120 AEST: Edited to add tonight’s article on Australia’s cabinet reshuffle.

[Photo: Sydney Central station, as seen from the Veriu Sydney Central Hotel on 6 August 2018.]