Odd Thursday horoscope

My astrology.com horoscope is odd today: “You need to slow down and sit out the next round of play, whether it’s romantic or work-related. You’re not in the best position to capitalize on your risk-taking quite yet, but things should change by next week.” I wonder what it means?

“I don’t do predictions,” but…

Photograph of Antony Green

Election über-analyst Antony Green (pictured) has joined his eponymous Antony Green Appreciation Society on Facebook. Asked to give an election prediction, he said:

No. If I wanted to do predictions, I would have studied astrology. Not that you have to study anything to do astrology. It’s hardly a science.

It certainly looks like it will be an interesting election. There’s only been one opinion poll this year that suggested anything less than a 6% swing. If a swing like that occurred, you’d have to have the logical skills of a Christopher Pearson to construct a scenario where the government prevented Labor gaining 16 seats. I suppose we have another few weeks breathlessly hanging on to see if there is a poll turnaround.

Maybe more than a few weeks, if the election gets strung out until December. I reckon by then we’ll all be well over it.

P.S. Watch out, Antony! There’s an echidna behind you.

Dive right in!

Like all sensible and rational people, I base my entire life on mass-market Astrology:

So you feel like you’re in over your head? Good! Believe it or not, this is how you’ll learn to swim — longer, faster and farther than you’ve ever done before — metaphorically speaking, that is. Dive in.

Today’s advice seems, in the clear light of a Tuesday morning, strangely compelling. My desk is piled with work, but there’s a certain clarity of focus about what’s important and what’s not. I’m diving in… I’ll report back at day’s end.

Why so visual?

Why have so many of my recent posts been about visual arts and popular culture? How does this fit in with my planned “creative days off” next week? “Once Saturn moves to stronger orbit on and after 19 April, your getaway plans will fall into place,” says one horoscope. “Keep searching for the right solution. Saturn will stay in strong orbit until 19 December, so you have time.” Today is 19 April. I feel good, for some reason.

Autumn Cleaning

Today’s horoscope from Astrology.com is strangely relevant:

It’s time to do some downsizing when it comes to your personal and professional life. Take control and strip away the non-essentials. How can you start fresh if your mental and physical space is cluttered with the past?

Supposedly an eclipse, like the lunar eclipse we had yesterday, are times of radical change. And I do feel like a “fresh start” this morning. Odd. Maybe it’s just the gentle rain — which I always love.