The 9pm Sunak ScoMo Schadenfreude with David F Porteous

David F Porteous in a shot from his final performance at the Acting Out Drama and Public Spea king School. David says: “I did Succession, Marvellous Mrs Maisel, and Frasier. I look mean all the time, by the way.” (Photo: Supplied)

The autumn series of the Edict concludes with a returning special guest, Scottish author and social researcher David F Porteous, to chat about the UK election campaigns and much, much more.

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The 9pm Dream Cheese of Digital Tyranny with Justin Warren

Justin Warren
Justin Warren’s face is captured to prove that he’s allowed to access social media in South Australia. (Photo: Kyle Taylor/ABC News)

In recent weeks the Australian government has opened multiple fronts in its war against the social media giants. So who better to speak with than Justin Warren, “consultant, freedom of information tragic, hexagon enthusiast, and creator of the CyberRating™ labelling scheme”?

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The 9pm Curious Case of Case

Capital letters have long history, and programmers get worked up over them. (Capital A vintage illustration via Rawpixel CC0; original background code image by Martin Vorel via Wikipedia Commons CC BY-SA; digital composition by Stilgherrian CC BY-SA)

A chicken shop in New York leads into a commentary on the correct use of capital letters in a podcast of a slightly different style.

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