Weekly Wrap 340: Summer begins, and everyone’s cookin’

Backpackers on Campbell StreetMy week of Monday 28 November to Sunday 4 December 2016 started off being as unproductive as the previous week, but it became solidly productive at the end.

I won’t go into the details, because as you’ll see below there’s a lot happening.



None published, but I’ve written something for ZDNet that’ll be posted on Monday.

Media Appearances, Corporate Largesse


The Week Ahead

Oh boy is this going to be a busy one!

On Monday and Tuesday I have to do a ton of work on one of my geek-for-hire projects, as well as a SEKRIT editorial project I’ll be telling you about soon.

On Wednesday morning I’m taking the four-hour train journey to Canberra, doing some unknown work along the way and when I get there.

All of Thursday will be spent participating in the “360° Cyber Security Game” being convened by RAND Corporation and the National Security College (NSC) at The Australian National University (ANU). It’s an “analytic desktop exercise” that’ll run through two scenarios. The participants, from a range of backgrounds, will be divided into teams to consider one aspect or each scenario.

RAND has run a few of these before, and a write-up of the first event last year explains the concept.

I’ll be reporting on the event for ZDNet on Friday before catching the train back to Sydney on Friday evening, but as it’s being run under the Chatham House Rule, I won’t be able to reveal the identity nor the affiliation of the speakers, nor that of any other participant.

The second Ruxcon-related episode of Corrupted Nerds might be produced on the weekend, but it’ll probably slide into the following week.

[Photo: Backpackers on Campbell Street, photographed on 1 December 2016. At least I assume they’re backpackers, caught in the late afternoon sunlight on the official first day of summer.]