The 9pm Public House Forum 7 LIVE

Your host Stilgherrian, cartoonist Cathy Wilcox, and satirist Mark Humphries at the recording of Pubic House Forum 7 at the Royal Exhibition Hotel on 29 April 2023. (Photo: @oberonsghost)

In the first Pubic House Forum episode of the The 9pm Edict since 2018, I was joined by Sydney Morning Herald cartoonist Cathy Wilcox and satirist Mark Humphries at Sydney’s Royal Exhibition Hotel in Surry Hills with an enthusiastic live audience.

There’s also a video of this episode on YouTube.

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Prime Minister Edna, while it lasted

Screenshot of Google Search resultsIf you’d done a Google Search for “abbott government” last night Australian time, or any time up until lunchtime today, this is what you’d have seen. Dame Edna Everage as prime minister.

According to Crikey [paywall. free trial]:

It’s likely that a article titled “Seven ways the Abbott Government may change your life” is responsible — the Google search algorithm has “crawled” all pages with the words “Abbott government” and chosen the best “hero image” to appear in the search summary box in the top right-hand corner. The PM does love a good Dame, though — perhaps Dame Edna should run for a seat in 2016?

A shame it didn’t last, in my opinion.