Talking The Global Mail on 2SER’s Fourth Estate

2SER 207.3 Real Radio logoThe ructions at new media outlet The Global Mail have been in the media a bit, from Matthew Knott’s damning piece at Crikey to my own whinge, Sydney Harbour “giant gambling den” bullshit reportage.

I wasn’t surprised, therefore, when I was contacted by journalist Charmaine Wong from the Radio 2SER media program, Fourth Estate. After all, the outlet has just celebrated its first birthday.

Here’s the full audio of her final story, which also includes comments from Dr Matthew Ricketson from the University of Canberra, publisher Graeme Wood, and a student who didn’t seem to be aware that The Global Mail does actually have a Twitter account.

Ricketson reckons we shouldn’t be too harsh on The Global Mail in its “early days”, but it’s been an entire year now. Some of these problems should have been sorted long ago, in my opinion. What do you think?

This audio is presumably ©2013 Radio 2SER. This is a re-compressed version of the original on their website.