Random thoughts on being an entrepreneur

Every Monday morning I struggle to make sense of running a small business. It’s not just that weekends are always too short to properly re-charge. It’s mapping out the week ahead and seeing how busy it’ll be. Again. How there’s things I’d like to change — but where’s the time? We’re already flat out working for clients the way we do now, and there’s no time left to implement the changes.

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What’s more British than a Spitfire?

Nothing, apparently. When designer Jeremy Fisher was creating a new logo for exclusive tailor English Cut, he wanted an image which defined “The Best of British”.

A BBC story — reminiscent of the Australian values debate — suggested everything from gin and tonic to the National Health Service. But Fisher chose the iconic Spitfire fighter aircraft of WWII.

New English Cut logo

‘British’ used to be a byword for quality, trust, craftsmanship and innovation,” he says.

Thanks to Gaping Void for the pointer.