Clive Palmer, “Fisting the Future”

Photo of Clive Palmer and colleagues, fists raised: click for original story at The AustralianDo billionaire arsehat and political candidate Clive Palmer and his colleagues really think that this is the best hand gesture to make in 2013? “Fisting the Future!” Jesus wept.

As soon as editor Chris Duckett pointed to this photo, which was used to illustrate a story at The Australian, and as soon as Jonathan Green coined the slogan “Fisting the Future”, I knew what had to be done. And here it is.

Nick Hodge has also created an approved-by-Taiga version of this image.

I recommend the hashtag #fistingthefuture in any future mocking of Clive Palmer’s whacky ideas.

And for some not-so-private-joke historical background, please read Fisting Twitter and the birth of “trend fisting”.

[Original photo caption: Clive Palmer, with Scott Higgins, left, and Glenn Lazarus, right, says he will announce more candidates for his party. Picture: Glenn Barnes. Source: The Courier-Mail.]