Weekly Wrap 148: Libertarian overload, with heraldry

Heraldry Overload, Union Theatre, Lithgow (detail): click to embiggenThe week of Monday 1 to Sunday 7 April 2013 was days ago, so once more I’ll just present the basic facts with a random photo.


Media Appearances

Corporate Largesse

None. But there’ll be plenty this week.

The Week Ahead

Well, Monday’s been done. I wrote a thing for Crikey previewing the Coalition’s broadband policy announcement. We’ll get the actual announcement tomorrow (Tuesday) or the day after (Wednesday, in case you need help working that out), so I’ll write more about it then.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I’m also taking the train to Sydney for a 1500 meeting in the CBD and subsequent drinks, and then staying overnight for a lunchtime briefing on Wednesday.

The rest of the week will be a mix of writing and geekery, as I choose to take it.

However at some time on the weekend I should be returning to Sydney, to stay there for two weeks while Bunjaree Cottages turns into school holiday mode. In theory. Nothing has been confirmed. And I am actually quite relaxed with this knowledge.

[Photo: Heraldry Overload, an architectural detail on the Union Theatre, Lithgow.]

Look, mum, no hands!

Photograph of Porsche 2400 Turbo hand dryer, with an image of a kangaroo and an emu drying their hands

This just has to be the classiest allusion to the Coat of Arms of the Commonwealth of Australia ever, no?

This image is printed on the front of the Porsche 2400 Turbo hand dryer, as seen in the men’s toilet at the Cyprus Community Club here in Sydney. And it is truly beautiful, don’t you think?

The kangaroo holding out its paws to dry is such a subtle indication that (a) we’re looking at a hand dryer and (b) it’s made in Australia.

And the emu! Does it feel envious of the roo, unable to present hands at all? Or does it smirk in quiet self-satisfaction, happy in the knowledge that it has feathers?