Weekly Wrap 469: The aftermath, with a podcast

Leura in a Smoky Dusk

Monday 20 to Sunday 26 May 2019 was a strange week. The weather too warm for this time of year, the politics too strange, and the fatigue continuing.

Obviously the Australian federal election result was a bit weird, and I reflected on that in this week’s podcast. There was also the announcement of the newly re-elected Morrison government’s new ministry and cabinet on Sunday, which will take a while to digest.

I also launched The 9pm Brisbane Podcasts 2019, a Pozible crowdfunding campaign that you should definitely consider. Please.

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Weekly Wrap 339: The Census disaster and the taxi-killer

“Yes! Chase them. Kill them. You can do it. Mwuahaha! Kill them!”My week of Monday 21 to Sunday 27 November 2016 was even less productive than the previous week, but I know why that happened.

One, a change to my medication dosages screwed up my sleep patterns for a while. Two, I did quite a bit of background work that won’t produce visible results for a while. And three, I was lazy.


Podcasts, Media Appearances, Corporate Largesse


[Photo: “Yes! Chase them. Kill them. You can do it. Mwuahaha! Kill them!”, photographed on 21 October 2016.]

Actually, this photo deserves a fuller explanation.

When taking the SkyBus from Melbourne Airport into the city, I rode at the front of the upper deck. This young man seated immediately in front of me pretended he was the pilot.

“I need speed,” he chanted. “I need speed. I need speed.”

Then he started threatening to crush the taxis in front of us. “Yes! Chase them. Kill them. You can do it. Mwuahaha! Kill them! You’re stupid. Stupid. I’ll drive you to death! Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.”

He was really getting into it as we zoomed through that well-known structure on the Tullamarine Freeway.

Patch Monday: Holiday IT to-do lists

ZDNet Australia logo: click for Patch Monday episode 21In episode 21 of Patch Monday, a few suggestions for what your IT people can do while it’s quiet over the summer holidays.

I speak with Harold Melnick, who’s Microsoft’s senior product marketing manager for Unified Communications; Del from open source consultancy Babel Com Australia; and independent IT consultant Kate Carruthers

And there is, as usual, quick run-through of the week’s news headlines, should you have missed them.

You can listen below. But it’s even better for my stats if you listen at ZDNet Australia or subscribe to the RSS feed or subscribe in iTunes.

Please, let me know what you think. Feedback very, very welcome. And do let me know if there’s any topics I should cover, or guests we should interview.

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday. The podcast did go live yesterday afternoon. I just didn’t get around to blogging about it. Maybe I’ll automate that somehow. Any suggestions for the best way to do that in WordPress?