Touch thumbs!

Photo of Jeremy Boutsakis: click for the video

Further to my brief mention of the Jeremy Boutsakis show A Conference for Sole Traders, here’s some video previews to get your juices flowing. There’s a explanation of the importance of thumbs, the answer to the question What is Australia? and a personal invitation.

Oh and if you’d like to see this show before it closes on 29 June, and you think you can convince me… email me and I’ll give you instructions on how to score a freebie.

Naturally, you’ll need to explain how we can come to some mutually beneficial arrangement in order to qualify for this special offer.

Touch thumbs!

A Conference for Sole Traders

Photograph of Jeremy Boutsakis

Friday night I caught the new show by Mark Swivel as his character Jeremy Boutsakis (pictured left), called A Conference for Sole Traders. Great fun.

Mark obviously spent far too long as a corporate lawyer — in the financial services sector, no less! — so Jeremy knows how to lead us through a meaningless PowerPoint presentation. Jeremy is more the slightly daggy Australian motivational speaker rather than the slick American evangelist style, and it works well in the intimate environs of the The Old Fitzroy Theatre in Woolloomooloo.

It’s running until 29 June, so see this show before it heads to Edinburgh.