Waiting for Kirribilli House

Photograph of Craig Gill wearing a Kevin07 t-shirt at Kirribilli House

The meme on teh intertubes this week was some wag placing a for-sale ad for Kirribilli House on a real estate website. I must admit, though, I do prefer my photo of Craig Gill in his Kevin07 t-shirt (above) at Hyacinth’s open day.

Thanks to Royaltech (and many others!) for the pointer. And in case the advert vanishes, there’s a PDF version.

I’ve already committed democracy today. Now it’s your turn. Remember, vote early and vote often.

Hyacinth’s Open Day

Photograph of the view of Sydney Harbour from Kirribilli House

Not a bad view, eh? You can see why Janette Howard wouldn’t want to leave Kirribilli House!

Yesterday was the one day each spring when the doors are open to the punters. For $15 ($10 senior concession, with card) we can roam the gardens and take snapshots of each other admiring the views. And the fit men and women of the Australian Federal Police and the now-merged AFP Protective Service chat politely instead of shooting us.

Kirribilli House is a relatively modest twin-gabled residence in the Gothic picturesque style, dating from 1855. “It’s pretty crap,” complained one teenage lad. “The White House is better. But it’s the location I guess.”

In theory, the Prime Minister’s official residence is The Lodge in Canberra, not here. When, almost inevitably, Kevin Rudd is elected PM, will his family live here, or The Lodge?

[I also wrote about Kirribilli House for Crikey. It covers different material, and there’s a photo of the rude chap who dared wear a “Kevin 07” t-shirt.]