Talking Instagram on ABC 666 Canberra

ABC logoBy the time I got to doing my third radio spot about the Instagram saga, the issues were clear in my mind and I had a few well-rehearsed sound bites. So my final spot on ABC 666 Canberra was smooth.

I don’t think I need to provide any more background. My conversation with Louise Maher stands for itself, I think. We didn’t speak for as long as we’d originally intended, but they also had to update their listeners on the progress of some bushfires and that does have priority.

This audio is ©2012 Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and is an unedited copy of what went to air, though the ABC has not posted it online as far as I know.

At some point in the next few days I’ll post further thoughts about this Instagram incident. Stay tuned.

Talking Steve Jobs on ABC 666 Canberra

My final radio spot on the death of Steve Jobs was this chat with Louise Maher on ABC 666 Canberra late Friday afternoon.

I know these spots are starting to sound the same, but they were all on different radio stations and so reached different audiences. I’m posting them here for reference as much as anything else. You don’t have to listen to them all.

The audio is ©2011 Australian Broadcasting Corporation, presented here as always because the ABC doesn’t generally post these live interviews and it’s a decent plug for them. Broadcast 7 October 2011.

Everyday Photographs, Extraordinary Journeys

Some months back the photos at the start of my 50 to 50 series of blog posts triggered a conversation with Verity Chambers, photo editor at the Sydney Morning Herald.

That fed into her conversations with photographer Mike Bowers. And that in turn has resulted in the project Everyday Photographs, Extraordinary Journeys at ABC 666 Canberra.

Because it’s so easy to take photos now, most of us have more than we know what to do with.

We snap images on our digital cameras or smart phones, email them to friends, post them on Facebook, share them on Flickr and tweet them to the universe.

But do these digital images have the same power or meaning as a photo carefully preserved in an album, framed on the wall or carried around in a wallet?

Photographer Mike Bowers has come up with the idea of asking 666 listeners to share a particular photo you’ve treasured over the years.

On Tuesday, Mike and I spoke on the wireless with the ABC’s Louise Maher, and here’s a recording. Mike tells the story of his photos, and me mine.

My childhood photos are over at Flickr. I’m about to upload one to the ABC website. It’d be great if you added yours, because so far the contributions are a bit sparse.

[Photo: That’s me (embiggen) sitting on my father’s lap, aged six weeks. For the background, please read 50 to 50 #1: Born in Gawler. Audio: Obviously that’s ©2011 Australian Broadcasting Corporation, but since they don’t archive all their live interviews we’ll have to do their job for them.]