Weekly Wrap 628: A podcast, a comedy, a sad ending, and rather a lot of alcohol

Katoomba Cockatoo

I did a lot of drinking during my week of Monday 6 to Sunday 12 June 2022. I am comfortable saying this. As I’ve already posted, ZDNet Australia has been shut down so I had a very long lunch with colleagues. And I enjoyed drinks both before and after catching the wonder Nigel Ng at the Enmore Theatre. I still managed to produce a podcast and do some other work, so there.

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Prague is bidding for the 2016 Olympics, but this sample from their English-language website indicates they may have a problem convincing the IOC:

Thanks, do you big propagator sport became a top marshal president Tomáše Garrigua Masaryka, go everything like after steel wool.

At which time Prague begun peep at peas in years 1932 and 1936. “but while before for action inspire with politicians and people, in thirtieth years nobody after peas doesn’t want. Whole it go out taperingly,” says Francis wheelwright.

Big neighbour Prague overprint and Czech backing her stay only eyes for cry.

Then set in metropolis Olympic silence, which a little comminute-vibrated focus high Tater about winter games.

Thanks to Ivan Trundle for the pointer. He observes: “The irony of it all is that the site is translated by ‘robot’ — the one Czech word that has made it into the English language.”