Talking Pokémon Go and e-voting on ABC 774 Melbourne

ABC Sydney TARDIS 1ABC logoThe massive global phenomenon that is the Pokémon Go augmented reality game naturally caught the interest of media producers all over — including at ABC 774 Melbourne.

Here’s my chat with Wendy Touhy from the evening of 20 July. I’m hoping I didn’t screw up some detail of the game, although I’m pretty sure I did.

We also spoke about one of my pet topics, the risks of electronic voting.

This audio is ©2016 Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

[Photo: Ready to go live on ABC 774 Melbourne from ABC Sydney TARDIS 1, 20 July 2016.]

Talking many things on the Reckoner podcast, again

Reckoner podcast logo: click for original websiteAt very short notice today, I ended up being a guest on another episode of the Reckoner podcast.

Along with hosts Peter Wells and James Croft, the conversation included Jason Murray.

We talked about Chromebooks and the Move Concept Store and Leap Motion and whether Nintendo was dead yet and the Pokemon X Y Launch and the Omny radio app for smartphones and more. Including dicks.

There’s links to all those things on the episode page. That’s three links to that page now, so you should click on one of them. Go on.

That said, here’s the audio right here, embedded in this page so it’ll also appear in my Conversation podcast feed.

The audio is Copyright ©2013 Reckoner.