Fisting Twitter and the birth of “trend fisting”

Twitter bird cartoon by Hugh MacLeod

Oh dear. Where do I start? Last night, on a whim, I challenged the people who follow me on Twitter to make fisting a “trending topic”. It worked. It worked very, very well.

Start at the beginning, I guess.

Saturday night. I was catching up on my reading. In quick succession I came across News Biscuit‘s Countryside Alliance furious at ban on badger fisting and The Bloggess’ I kind of wrote about this on twitter already so technically this is a re-run but you probably still need a refresher, also about fisting.


Screenshot of my first tweet about fisting

So, at 1948 on 28 February 2009 Australian Eastern Daylight Time (that’s 0848 UTC), I tweeted: “Yeah, why not? Official challenge! Let’s turn fisting into the trending topic of the hour. Retweet please.”

Well, retweet please you did…

Seconds later three friends with high numbers of Twitter followers had retweeted it. Others followed within minutes. Then more. And more.

An otherwise boring Saturday night, Australia’s larrikin sense of humour, the peer pressure of people competing to invent ever more amusing or inappropriate ways of using “fisting” in a sentence, the delicious naughtiness of using a “bad word”… It was the perfect storm!

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