Web 2.0 design

What is “Web 2.0 design”? Is there such a thing? Before he explains how to do Web 2.0 design, Ben Hunt points out: “In sociological terms, movements impact people on many levels: economic, cultural, political, etc. Is skate-punk about entertainment and sport, music and the music industry, fashion, or the breakdown of society?”

Good old unreliable Telstra

Last Wednesday 11 April, a Telstra chap called to discuss my telephone account. I happened to be at a client’s office so couldn’t talk, but told him Friday would be good to call because I’d be at my desk all day. That was last Friday. He hasn’t called. Which is a shame. Because I was wanting to tell him that Telstra’s crappy service and support was why I’d already moved my mobile phone to Vodafone and I’ll be moving my landlines away from Telstra as soon as I’d figured out how to do that and retain my phone numbers.

Why so visual?

Why have so many of my recent posts been about visual arts and popular culture? How does this fit in with my planned “creative days off” next week? “Once Saturn moves to stronger orbit on and after 19 April, your getaway plans will fall into place,” says one horoscope. “Keep searching for the right solution. Saturn will stay in strong orbit until 19 December, so you have time.” Today is 19 April. I feel good, for some reason.

Film: Paris, Je T’Aime

The movie Paris Je T’Aime (“Paris, I love you”) opens in Sydney today, a collection of eighteen 5-minute love stories from different directors. “Is this going to be heartwarming,” I grumbled before Monday night’s preview. “This had better not be fucking heartwarming!'” But no. ’Pong’s review is a bit harsh. I found it an acceptable chocolate box of entertainment, if French. And it’s the only time I’ve laughed out loud when someone was diagnosed with leukaemia! Cute cameo by Marianne Faithful. Warning: there is mime in one story.