I should be Spenglerian, apparently

Now that I’ve upgraded to Firefox 2.0, I get spell-checking inside website forms — a bonus! But the spell-checker has trouble with “Stilgherrian” (oddly enough).

Its suggestions are “Spenglerian” (after the German pre-Nazi historian and philosopher Oswald Spengler, “Utilitarianism” (the ethical theory), “Cherianne’s” (whoever Cherianne is!), “Algerian’s” (well, I know what Algerians are, but why has it chosen the possessive form?) or “Utilitarians”. Not the best set of alternatives…

Post 100: Thinking about Values

Writing this, my 100th blog post, has set me a-thinkin’ about why. Why I’m writing a blog, yes, but also why I’m doing lots of things. Why I’m frustrated by the work I’m doing. Why I love Sydney (and Melbourne, don’t feel left out, folks). Why I get passionate about certain issues in the media.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about these things for some time, but writing this post focussed my thoughts. And while doing so, the word “values” turned up — twice. Once for the current public debate about “Australian values”. And again when my friend and colleague Zern Liew asked me to list my own “personal values”.

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“Honourable” is a nice compliment

My good friend and colleague Zern Liew gave me a copy of Cubicle Commando today — not as you might guess from the title some sort of military-themed gay beat sex DVD, but a new book he co-authored with Lisa Messenger.

Inside he thanks…

Stilgherrian for being one of the most perceptive and honourable people I have had the opportunity to learn from.

Am I chuffed or what? Of all the adjectives which could be used to describe me, I think “honourable” is one of the best ever.