Summer Resolution: Post daily!

Instead of a New Year’s Resolution, a New Season’s Resolution. Maybe the bright light of the first day of summer is affecting me strangely. but I’ve decided that I’m going to post here every day. No matter what. The only question is, what should my posts be about? Suggestions please!

I get good critical comment on my longer pieces on politics and propaganda — and the tags show that’s what I mostly write about — but they take longer to write. And they make me look too serious.

I get the most traffic for listing lame jokes about Steve Irwin’s death — still the most popular pages — or posts with “sex” in the title.

I could write up my personal observations for the day, as The Other Andrew does so well. But I probably don’t have that many friends who care. Does what I have to say matter? Or could I make it interesting enough for strangers?

And, how does all this fit in with what I might write about on my business website?

All these questions… and I’m already so busy this morning!

8 Replies to “Summer Resolution: Post daily!”

  1. I may be responsible for a modest spike in the ‘sex’ traffic, because I sometimes check back to see if Sam Connell has added any more comments.

    Don’t worry about it too much; human sexuality is genuinely interesting, and not just for prurient reasons. It’s not like this is ‘’.

    All in all, I don’t think you need to change your current formula. The balance between personal anecdotes and discussion of weightier issues is about right.

    It’s good to read a real person’s take on life, rather than the tedious results of groupthink.

    I believe blogs – once considered tedious vanity projects – have evolved to fill a gap in the information ecosystem due to the shortcomings of mainstream media. If you keep this principle in mind, you should do OK.

  2. *Richard*, no, you’re not to blame for the spike in traffic, ’cos it’s measuring “unique visitors”. I think some of it’s actually the spambots trying to post comments (and failing).

    And yes, sex _is_ interesting!

    ’Pong, perhaps I should do a daily post about one news item that’s attracted my attention that day? That could perhaps be a separate thread of postings. And that might fit well with my long-standing “plan” to do a podcast…

    Where will I find the time?

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