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Photograph of George Street, Sydney, showing buildings in the distance partially obscured by fog

This morning Sydney was fog-bound, and The Other Andrew captured a great moment on pixels. By the time I got to the city, while it was still only about 16C, the sun had burnt off most of the cloud. This is all that remained.

Photograph: Market Row by Pong

I was very pleased to receive a framed print of this image from ’Pong for my birthday yesterday. There was also a lengthy dinner at Fifi’s Lebanese restaurant and then The Duke Hotel — and that’s why there’s very little to say today.

Photograph of seagull at Darling Harbour

I’d previously written off Lure Fish Cafe & Oyster Bar on Taylor Square as an over-priced fish’n’chip shop. Actually, they do fantastic things with seafood — I had the best swordfish steak ever, their marinade was magical — and their upstairs room is perfect for private functions. And they’re licensed.

22 April 2007 by Stilgherrian | 3 comments

Photo taken in May St, St Peters

A wooden gate, a veranda flag, a discarded mattress — all have meaning in May Street, St Peters, Sydney. I took this photo on the way to a client’s office on Tuesday.

Photo of accommodation poster

This poster advertising share accommodation in Sydney is pretty typical of the genre — a list of features, tear-off tags with phone numbers, and the notice that you’d be the fifth person in a 3-bedroom apartment.

But there are two features worth pointing out.

1. Boasting that “Nobody sleeps in the living room!!!!!” reminds us that it’s now normal to over-crowd CBD apartments. These buildings were designed with a certain occupancy, so may the gods help them all in the event of a fire.

2. Saying “Europeans, North- and South Americans or Australian applications preferred” is just a coward’s way of saying “No blacks or Asians” — which is a bit rich for someone choosing to live in Sussex Street, right next to Sydney’s Chinatown.

Owners of mobile phones 0415 520 775 and 0403 220 688, you may well own a plasma TV and “really nice furniture”, but you’re still racist turds.

If it wasn’t for the fact that doing so might count as harassment, I’d suggest that we all phone you and say so.

Better late than never: over the next week I’ll post material collected earlier this year — starting off with a visit to Sydney’s newest contemporary performance space, Carriageworks on 21 January.

Our link to the Eveleigh Railway Workshops is weird. ’Pong was arrested for taking photos there, though eventually the charges were dropped. But now toxic waste has been removed (so they say), and space which was once full of sweaty tradesmen rebuilding rollingstock is now full of arty types enjoying the acting and sipping wine.

I must admit, I was worried it was just a facade job…

Photo of Carriageworks facade

… but once inside you see what Director Sue Hunt describes as “an industrial cathedral”.

Photo of Carriageworks interior

As the sun shifts through the afternoon, swathes of light streaming through the skylights turn the interior into a giant sundial. These cameraphone snapshots don’t do it justice. I may post more soon, but for now see more at the Carriageworks website.

When Clover Moore, Sydney’s time-share Lord Mayor and state MP, started talking about “a city of villages”, I thought she was giving it a tug. (No anatomical pedantry, thanks.) But now it’s the city’s official slogan, and a few relaxed Sundays have persuaded me she’s got it right — at least for the inner and inner-west villages which have some historical reality.

Photograph of Enmore Rd, Enmore

This photo ain’t art. But last night’s view from the front bar of the Warren View Hotel really does say “This is my village”.

From the art nouveau shell of the old post office on the left — apparently used by the mission of Our Lady of the Snows to help the local homeless — and past the over-priced pharmacy to The Sly Fox Hotel, and then on the other side with its medical centre, pharmacy and greengrocer no-one goes to, this is our Victorian village.

Sure, the Golden Barley Hotel is technically in Enmore too, and it’s only just down the hill a bit. They’re nice people and all — but it just feels like it’s in the next village, Marrickville.

But just was is it that creates this sense of “my village”…?

’Pong took some amazing photos of Sydney’s Sculpture by the Sea last month. If you missed the exhibition, have a browse. I reckon they’re better than the official images.

Photo from Sculpture by the Sea

The exhibition Emotional Architecture at Tap Gallery on Tuesday night. Stained glass work by Jeffrey Hamilton (for a preview, check the photos and more words by The Other Andrew), and photography by Jenn Tao. Worth a look.

And several thousand bonus points to Tajine at the Republic for providing excellent food and stunning service to our, erm, boisterous crowd.

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