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  1. In regards to the Beechwood contracts and copyright issues, I could not help but think to myself this morning that it was as plain as anyone could see that the gentleman who hired an outside architect to draw his house design, then got Beechwood to build, is being bullied by the receivers about copyright issues.

    Beechwood have no copyright issues with this gentleman. The architect who drew up his plans has the copyright. Simple.

    Then I listen to the chatter on the train, and how everyone feels that the people of Beechwood are getting a bad deal.

    But not one solicitor has put up their hand to help these people out.

    I ask what would it really take away from you to help…

    Do we have to be paid to do what we clearly know is right.

    If you can help why don’t you?

    I am not a solicitor but if I could do something I would.

    Why can’t we do because it is what needs to be done. A wrong is happening and everyone watches it like a car accident. Lots of quite advise but no takes action.

    I believe a class action suit should be brought against Beechwood and the recievers should be shamed for bulling these people.

    It seems that when ever people need help the answer lies in just how money do you have. Even if it is not your fault. If you do not have money then you are out of luck. But, if you have been gifted to do good things then why not do them becuase you can.

    Because you can… That’s all

  2. I don’t really get the list of blogging books — it’s only highly relevant to a particular subculture of bloggers. They’re probably of some value one way or the other, but there’s no need to create a false sense of importance to say they may be of some value to read.

  3. @Susan: I have some sympathy for the “victims” of Beechwood because from the little I’ve read about this story and my amateur understanding of copyright law this claim by the receivers is crock of shit — or at least should be.

    However, I don’t subscribe to the “someone should help ‘because they can'” theory for two practical reasons.

    1. Just because someone has the skills to help in one specific situation doesn’t mean that situation is a priority for them. F’rinstance, I can help people fix computer problems. But if I fixed everyone’s problems for free I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills — let alone find the time to do anything else in my life. There will always be more people who need help than I can actually help. I must choose.
    2. In the case of Beechwood, well, it’s unfortunate that “ordinary people” lost their money. But then Beechwood’s receivers are also trying to help the “ordinary people” who own shares in Beechwood’s investors. Plus it’s only money. No-one is physically harmed here. In all business there is risk. Sometimes you do a job for a client but they don’t pay. Sometimes you pay for goods to be delivered but they never arrive. Bad luck, eh? Did you insure or hedge against this? No? Why is that?

    Things go wrong. It isn’t always the case that someone else should sort out people’s problems for them free of charge. If there are 580 people in this situation, that’s a lot of leverage for them to sort out their own problems.

    @Snarky Platyus: No, you are wrong. We must all think identical thoughts.

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