Peter Debnam, you’re just as bad

The other day I wrote about the incompetence of NSW Premier, Morris Iemma. Well today’s “effort” by Liberal opposition leader Peter Debnam shows that next year’s state election is going to be a Battle of the Midgets.

NSW opposition leader, Peter Debnam

Earlier today, Iemma announced massive cuts to the NSW public service, including the loss of 5000 jobs.

Debnam’s brilliantly strategic response? They should be sacking more. 29,000, he says.

I know it’s the role of an Opposition to oppose. But:

  • I reckon a good few of those 29,000 you want to sack are exactly the swinging votors you need to keep onside; and
  • You have just over a year to convince us that you’d be a better government than the one we have now.

You’re pushing it, Peter. I even had to look up your name, you’re that (un-)memorable.

Apparently Iemma is on the wane with NSW voters but, Peter, he’s still leading you in the polls by 20 percentage points.