A Series of Tubes on iPhone tethering

Should iPhone users pay extra for using the device as a tethered modem? Optus thinks so — but me and A Series of Tubes presenter Richard Chirgwin don’t entirely agree. Yes, the latest edition of the podcast is online for your listening pleasure.

We also talk about YABS (yet another broadband statistic), Twitter and Iran, and of course Project TOTO. Tubes also talks to Alcatel-Lucent’s Geof Heydon about the NBN: it’s more than just a fast Internet connection.

A Series of Tubes episode 86

The latest A Series of Tubes podcast is online for your listening pleasure. Richard Chirgwin talks with Chris King and David Thrum of Palo Alto Networks about the firewall market; sponsor Nortel about last week’s announcements at Interop; and me about National E-Security Week and the decisions of French courts on anti-piracy legislation.

A Series of Tubes returned weeks ago

I’ve been very slack about keeping you up to date with the podcast A Series of Tubes, on which I’m a regular guest with the redoubtable Richard Chirgwin. So, here we go…

In episode 83 (24 May) I spoke about about my Project TOTO trip to Tanzania.

In episode 84 (31 May), it says “Stilgherrian is trying to get ready for Project TOTO in Tanzania, in spite of the tribulations of topless garden gnomes (Tubes doesn’t know either!), but still took time to talk censorship, international cables, the OECD and Sol’s parting shot.”

And in episode 85 (10 June), I spoke about regulation, censorship, and Google Wave.

Richard and I recorded another interview yesterday, so I’m guessing episode 86 will appear tomorrow some time.

NBN featured on A Series of Tubes, oddly enough

On this week’s A Series of Tubes podcast I quite naturally spoke about the National Broadband Network proposal. Richard Chirgwin also interviewed m.net Research Director Dr Marisa Maio Mackay about what’s changing the way we use mobile data services. Sorry about the late notice, but I’ve actually been having a relaxing time away over Easter in my Sekrit Eyrie.