Keynoting the Saasu Cloud Conference 2012 with security

On 11 May I’ll be delivering one of the keynote presentations at Saasu’s inaugural conference, the Saasu Cloud Conference 2012 in Sydney.

The cloud is the enabler, it’s the medium that automation grows in. We want to focus on the value of online accounting automation, why it’s often undervalued and how you can get some for your own business or practice.

Saasu makes the online accounting system that I’ve been using since July 2007, and I know the chief executive officer and founder Marc Lehmann and chief happiness officer Tony Hollingsworth.

Good leadership and a good attitude continues to deliver a good product. Well, I think so anyway. At least it works for me.

My keynote will be something about security and the cloud, obviously enough, but I’ll lock down the details before the end of this week.

Mind you, I wrote the ZDNet Australia feature Cloud security? Better get a lawyer, Son! in October 2010, and since then I’ve written Cloud could be ‘privacy enhancing’: Pilgrim and Hybrid clouds the eventual reality for risk management and Today’s cloud winners: the cybercriminals and Want government cloud? Rethink security! so I’ve got plenty of material to start with.

Saasu has kept the price down to a reasonable $99 for a full-day event. You can register online.

[Update 11 May 2012: I’ve just posted notes and background material for my presentation, Security and the Cloud: Hype versus Reality.]

An open letter to MYOB

Today I received a letter talking about upgrading to “the latest version” of the MYOB AccountEdge accounting software — but nowhere did it mention a version number. So I looked on the website under AccountEdge — but once again, nowhere could I find a mention of version numbers.

Since the version number of software is a key piece of data, why is is missing from all the promotional material?

Leaving out the version number was either deliberate or a mistake — logically there’s no other option. If it was a mistake, that’s just incompetence. If it was deliberate, the intention can only be to confuse or mislead — either encouraging people to call and get the hard-sell, or to spend money on upgrades they don’t need — and that’s despicable.

Which is it?

[As an aside, roughly 18 months ago an MYOB salesperson called, trying to convince me to purchase MYOB extended cover. He was extremely aggressive, to the point where I eventually said, “This is now the third time I’m telling you that I’ve already made my decision not to purchase extended cover, I am now angry.” I have become less and less impressed with MYOB over time.]