Link digests: an experiment

As you can see, I’m running another experiment: recording the websites I find in and publishing a daily collection here. Just as with the daily Twitter updates, though, the list of random pieces changes the character of the site. And the experimental system provided by doesn’t let me format the posts — the most annoying aspects for me being the last of capital-L in the headline and not being able to format the entries. I may take up Brad Kellet‘s offer to use his script instead.

Obsolete Skills

Brad Kellett has started a website documenting Obsolete Skills. Things like “interpolating logarithms” and “carving a nib into a quill”. The list currently over-emphasises the interests of urban computer geeks, who seem to forget that 96% of the planet does not live in a high-tech apartment, but there are still gems to be found. “Caulking your wagon to ford the river,” anyone?