Not happy with how the Twitter digests work

Hmmm… No, I’m not really happy with how the Twitter digests are presented. They dominate the website’s home page when in fact they’re very much secondary material. More thought required… but I’ll leave them as they are until I have a better answer.

5 Replies to “Not happy with how the Twitter digests work”

  1. Why not have a dynamic twitter feed in the LHC? Posting them as a story seems a bit odd.

  2. @jason: I already have that, updated every 15 minutes or something. What I’m after is the archiving which isn’t at Twitter in case they disappear when the Web 2.0 bubble bursts.

  3. Ah, sorry missed that.

    Problem is, you are a very prolific twitterer. In fact, it’s more like the neighbors rooster crowing for a couple of hours at day break.

    Maybe you could make use of a standfirst, showing the first few twitters, and then link through to the full horror. Not sure if that could be automated easily.

  4. @jason: That’s the way to go, yes. I’d even be happy with a headline link only — none of the Tweets themselves visible on the “main” pages.

    I’m trying to think how I can bolt that together without having to do any coding of my own. (1) Completely separate blog tool to just hold the Tweet summaries, and post the headline here automatically. (2) Point the problem back to the Twitter Tools author and get him to add some options.

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