The 9pm Offensively-Named Dispatches from Prison Island Megamix

Mike Lindell, Trump supporter and founder and CEO of My Pillow, Inc, pimping his merchandise on Jim Bakker’s daily infomercial program in September 2021.

In this episode we simply have to hear about the plight of Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend. There’s some unbiased news from America. And there’s a compulsory mention of submarines.

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The 9pm Arch Window into the Soul

Adelaide Railway Station

This podcast returns to my hometown of Adelaide and turns thing inside out, with The Arch Window’s Nicholas Fryer asking me questions. Some of them dig into my past.

We talk about internet influencers, internet advertising, the role of the ABC as Australia’s national broadcaster, the shift in focus of The Australian and other Rupert Murdoch media outlets, Malcolm Turnbull, Korean boy band BTS, The Veronicas, Bipolar II Disorder, the nature of being a writer, Sky News Australia, bourbon, repressed memories, getting older, and the importance of fear.

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