The 9pm Arch Window into the Soul

Adelaide Railway Station

This podcast returns to my hometown of Adelaide and turns thing inside out, with The Arch Window’s Nicholas Fryer asking me questions. Some of them dig into my past.

We talk about internet influencers, internet advertising, the role of the ABC as Australia’s national broadcaster, the shift in focus of The Australian and other Rupert Murdoch media outlets, Malcolm Turnbull, Korean boy band BTS, The Veronicas, Bipolar II Disorder, the nature of being a writer, Sky News Australia, bourbon, repressed memories, getting older, and the importance of fear.

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This podcast was recorded on Sunday 30 October 2018 in Adelaide, South Australia.

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  • Mr Milne had been under enormous pressure to stand down. In the days after Michelle Guthrie's acrimonious departure as managing director, explosive reports claimed Mr Milne had earlier urged the then managing director to sack two prominent reporters because the Government "hated" them.
  • In this edition of Future Tense, technology writer and commentator Stilgherrian talks ‘bug bounties’ and ‘pentesting’ as he introduces us to those at the coal-face of the security challenge.
  • The ABC Charter is contained in s6 of the ABC Act. It outlines the ongoing functions and responsibilities of the ABC.
  • This year, the Halloween collection at Urban Outfitters includes a costume set that truly screams “fuck it, they’ll buy anything”: an “influencer costume” that literally consists of a pair of leggings and an unpadded super-crop top they’re calling a “sports bra,” which costs 59 — fifty-nine! — American dollars.
  • The catchy tune has so far managed to rack up more than 1.6 billion views on YouTube.
  • Bipolar II is notoriously difficult to diagnose. Patients usually seek help when they are in a depressed state, or when their hypomanic symptoms manifest themselves in unwanted effects, such as high levels of anxiety, or the seeming inability to focus on tasks. Because many of the symptoms of hypomania are often mistaken for high functioning behavior or simply attributed to personality, patients are typically not aware of their hypomanic symptoms.
  • A series of 50 posts originally begun to coincide with my 50th birthday, one representing each year. The series is continuing at a very slow pace because I’ve found that such intense reminiscences of my own past are emotionally draining. Fulfilling, but draining.
  • In a moment of great justice, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin cold-cocks a conspiracy theorist who was harassing him about the moon landing.

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[Photo: Adelaide Railway Station, photographed on 20 December 2016.]