Announcing “The 9pm Brisbane Podcasts 2019”

The 9pm Brisbane Podcasts 2019: Click for the Pozible campaign

 It’s time to record more episodes of my inappropriately-named podcast The 9pm Edict in Brisbane. Why? A Queensland visit has just been added to my work schedule, so I’ve put myself at your disposal in Brisbane on 1 to 4 June.

I’ll organise my plan of action and any guests over the next few days, and I’ll post the details here.

Meanwhile, please pledge your support in the Pozible crowdfunding campaign to cover my costs. It runs until Thursday 31 May 2019 at 2100 AEST.

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Weekly Wrap 403: A wedding, two podcasts, and many goats

View from North SydneyAll I’ll say about my week of Monday 12 to Sunday 18 February 2018 is that going to a wedding on Tuesday is dangerous, and you’re all kind of OK.

Many, many thanks to the 54 supporters who’ve contributed to The 9pm GoatFest Tasmania. Your generosity means that, yes, just five days from now I’ll be heading to Tasmania to record two podcasts. Scroll down for the details.


Articles, Podcasts

None, but piece I wrote has yet to appear, and look below for the big podcast news.

Media Appearances

  • On Thursday, I briefly rabbited on about goats on ABC Hobart. I won’t be posting the audio, because I don’t think it has value beyond the day it happened.

Corporate Largesse

  • On Thursday, I went to a lunchtime briefing at the North Sydney offices of CrowdStrike. There was sushi. I also walked away with a branded pen and walk calendar.

The Week Ahead

Right, this is the big one.

On Monday, I’m heading down to Sydney for a briefing by Motorola Solutions on the “Future of Public Safety”, as they put it. Apparently that includes a mixed-reality system to help firefighters, and “a new virtual voice partner, akin to a smart Siri or Alexa, providing vital, data-driven information to public safety officials in the heat of the moment”. En route there and back, I’ll be writing for ZDNet, and dealing with some client web work.

Tuesday and Wednesday are writing and editing days for ZDNet and DirectorTech.

Thursday is a preparation day for my Tasmania trip, which kicks off Friday with the train down to Sydney, then an afternoon flight to Launceston. Saturday is about exploring Launceston, and my final pre-production.

Sunday sees me spending the day at GoatFest Tasmania recording material for “The 9pm GoatFest Tasmania”, a special episode of The 9pm Edict podcast that will be streamed live from 2100 AEDT that night.

Further Ahead

On Monday 26 February, the morning is the bus ride from Launceston to Hobart, the afternoon is the highly-regarded Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), and the evening is dinner with some friends at Bar Wa Izakaya. Don’t worry, they’re paying.

On Tuesday 27 February, I’m preparing for and recording a Private House Forum episode of The 9pm Edict, a panel show like the Public House Forum episodes but without a live audience. I’m expecting that to be streamed live from around 2000 AEDT.

Looking way further ahead:

  • Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Conference, Canberra, 10–12 April.
  • Australian Cyber Conference, formerly the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) National Conference, Melbourne, 9–11 October.

[Photo: View from North Sydney. The view across Sydney Harbour to the south-east from the offices of CrowdStrike on level 18 of 141 Miller Street, North Sydney, photographed on 15 February 2018.]

Announcing “The 9pm GoatFest Tasmania”

UPDATE 15 February 2018: The Pozible campaign was successful. Details of what I’ll be doing will be posted on Saturday 17 February.

Let’s talk about Goats! GoatFest Tasmania is Tasmania’s Only All-Breeds Goat Festival and Field Day, with everything you ever need to know about goats and goat products all under the one roof. It’s on Sunday 25 February in Launceston, and I want to go. I need to go.

What’s not to love? Like, goats, right!

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