Weekly Wrap 667: Full Moon with alcohol and productivity

My week of Monday 6 to Sunday 12 March 2023 began in Melbourne and involved a bit of drinking, but it was also reasonably productive. All things considered. Flying back into Sydney as dusk continues to be beautiful.

I also took delivery of the Sony ZV-E10 camera and accessories that were part of The 9pm Hardware Refresh 2023 crowdfunding campaign. Thank you all. However I haven’t had to time to familiarise myself with it, so I’ll post more about that next week — including some photos and videos.

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Careful listeners may notice that the previous episode with Dr Trent Yarwood was labelled 00195 in some places and 00196 in others. For various reasons I’ve made that one 00196 and this one 00195. Yes, that’s out of order, but it required fewer changes.


  • Digital developments from Canberra 28. Nuclear submarines are the big story this week, but there’s plenty more — including the sudden resignation of our FOI commissioner, predictive policing, and various reports.

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Photos, Videos, Media Appearances, Corporate Largesse

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The Musk-Twitter saga is the the gift that keeps on giving, especially this week as some of these stories are top-shelf schadenfreude.

And in other news:.

I am truly loving the phrase “lying harlot media” (LHM). #JeSuisLHM

The Week Ahead

There’s lots of client work this week as we approach the deadlines for a particular client’s projects. You might finally get to see some of this stuff.

On Thursday hope to catch AUKUS briefing: What to know about the AUKUS report from the United States Studies Centre.

On Thursday afternoon I’m doing a brief live radio spot, ABC RN’s Big Tech segment, at 1650 AEDT. You can listen here or on the ABC Listen app, or later on at a link I’ll tell you about that evening.

On Saturday I’m heading down to Sydney to finalise a venue for the Public House Forum recording, which may involve some drinking. On Sunday I’ll tell you all where I’ve chosen , but probably not in the morning.

And as I mentioned up the top, somewhere in there I’ll explore the features of the new camera.

Further Ahead

  • Australian Cyber Conference 2023, Canberra, 20–22 March 2023. I won’t be going, but I’ll leave it here for reference because it relates to some client work. Yes, the work mentioned above.
  • NSW state election, 25 March 2023. I’ll definitely do something special for this one, although that might just be something personal.
  • The 9pm Public House Forum 7 livestream and recording, Sydney CBD venue TBA, 1 April 2023. Guests include Sydney Morning Herald cartoonist Cathy Wilcox and satirist Mark Humphries. Please click through to book a free ticket, just so I know how many people might be coming. The venue will be announced on Sunday 19 March.
  • The Sydney Dialogue, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, online, 4–5 April 2023.
  • The 9pm Public House Forum 8 livestream and recording, 29 April 2022 (TBA).
  • Coronation of Charles III, 6 May 2023, although I have no idea what I’ll actually do about it.
  • Truth, Trust and Hope, “a global dialogue on disinformation and the erosion of public understanding and trust in science”, Nobel Prize Outreach, Washington DC and online, 24–26 May 2023.

[Photo: Full Moon rising from 6,000 feet. This photograph was taken from Virgin Australia flight VA879 MEL-SYD at 1940 AEDT on 7 March 2023 as it turned south over Royal National Park for its approach to Sydney. The aircraft is Boeing 737-800 registration VH-VIT.]