Talking Facebook and more on ABC Download This Show

ABC logoI made another appearance on ABC Radio National’s Download This Show this week, with CNet Australia news editor Claire Reilly joining presenter Marc Fennell.

“What should Apple and Android steal? Hao Li and more” is the headline for this episode.

Why just watch movies… when you can be the star? This week on Download This Show meet Hao Li. He’s a man who believes the future of 3D animation and character building is you. Also: are Facebook about to start listening in on your phone conversations?

And in the great battle between Apple & Android phones — what if they stopped making war and started reproducing? We’re asking what iPhone features would you like in an Android, and what Android features would you like in an iPhone.

Here’s the full program.

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His Benevolence Stilgherrian’s Christmas Message

Here it is. The full video of His Benevolence Stilgherrian’s Christmas Message, originally broadcast on Christmas Night as part of the Stilgherrian Live Christmas Special.

For some reason Ustream only recorded the first 70 minutes of that program, so the remaining 2+ hours is lost forever. Apart from this inaugural Christmas Message, which must be preserved for future generations! If the video player does not appear immediately below, try watching it directly at Viddler.

Warning: There is “strong language”. Well, not by my standards, but maybe by yours.

The full text is over the jump, should you wish to read along. However my main aim in putting it there was to attract Teh Googles.

Also, the Message is riddled with continuity and other errors. Perhaps, if you’re bored, you can amuse yourself by listing them in the comments. I won’t mind.

My especial thanks to ’Pong for the massive amount of work on this silly project.

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Weekly Poll: Revealing comments

If you listen closely to the conversations between you and your friends, you’ll discover tiny little phrases that reveal who you really are.

So this week’s poll — yes, I know it’s a week late, deal with it! — asks you to choose from a number of phrases the one you’re most likely to use in conversation. Go to the website to vote.

[poll id=”10″]

Last week’s results: Yes, without a doubt, Duran Duran is the greatest band in the history of pop.