The 9pm Frog and Covid with Upulie Divisekera

Upulie Divisekera
Upulie Divisekera and a science machine. (Photo: Nathan Fulton / Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade used under a Creative Commons CC BY 2.0 license)

The spring series continues with two brand new species of frog and some reflections on COVID-19 with special guest Upulie Divisekera, science communicator and woman of much intelligence and smarts.

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Live from The Frog Pond

Frame grab from Stilgherrian Live from The Frog Pond

Stilgherrian Live will start taking on a new form. I’ve just recorded a quick experimental episode live from our back garden using my MacBook Pro and a Telstra NextG card.

It worked!

The bloke at Telstra reckons I should be able to get a 3Mb/second uplink — more than enough for good video quality — which means we can have Stilgherrian Live from Pretty Much Anywhere.

This weekend I’ll be doing some live feeds from the Oz-IA/2008 Information Architecture conference, and next Thursday’s program will be live from Webjam 8 at Bar Broadway.

Where should I broadcast from after that?