Live from The Frog Pond

Frame grab from Stilgherrian Live from The Frog Pond

Stilgherrian Live will start taking on a new form. I’ve just recorded a quick experimental episode live from our back garden using my MacBook Pro and a Telstra NextG card.

It worked!

The bloke at Telstra reckons I should be able to get a 3Mb/second uplink — more than enough for good video quality — which means we can have Stilgherrian Live from Pretty Much Anywhere.

This weekend I’ll be doing some live feeds from the Oz-IA/2008 Information Architecture conference, and next Thursday’s program will be live from Webjam 8 at Bar Broadway.

Where should I broadcast from after that?

11 Replies to “Live from The Frog Pond”

  1. @Simon Rumble and @Neerav: I imagine the answer to that question is “extremely quickly indeed”. As it happens, though, I have this unit on “technical evaluation” courtesy of Telstra’s NextG network and… [coughs] I’m not getting billed for it.

  2. Free NextG usage explains your generous offer to allow other people at Oz-IA to wirelessly use your NextG connection — I thought you’d lost it when I read that tweet.

  3. @Neerav: No, I lost it years ago. You’re just seeing the recapitulation.

    @Simon Rumble: Ah, another Hitler-themed video! They’re obviously all the rage at the moment. I know of another one in production very close to home… 😉

    @Snarky Platypus: Somehow the idea of a live video feed from the toilets of one of Sydney’s trashiest gay venues at 2am is… a challenge! You may well regrest having ever suggested that, Sir!

  4. @Stilgherrian: I’d like to second the Platypus. I think The Stonewall toilets at 2am on a Tuesday morning is an excellent idea. Hop to it.

  5. For the benefit of those of us not living in Sydney, you should aim for a thorough anthropological study of the natives’ feeding habits, mating rituals and territorial behaviour. Use David Attenborough as your yardstick. I can’t wait.

  6. @Stephen Stockwell: I hadn’t read this comment before I tweeted “My dream last night included a crocodile almost biting, Ecstasy found behind the sofa, Sir David Attenborough and a street sweeping machine”. Is this a sign?

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