Australia’s Top 100 Companies (Asia)

Red Herring magazine published a list of companies worth investing in. Laurel Papworth has extracted the Australians in the Top 100.

She notes that most of them are selling un-sexy products and services — but in a comment I point to the very un-sexy example of the Westinghouse Air Brake Company, and that company ended up generating huge successes.

I guess that helps make up for the silliness I’ve published here over the last week. A shame I have to do other things today, I’d much rather be writing.

Wow, I actually networked!

Last night was weird. Not only did I see a new social networking site before it was launched, I met two very cool people who really know this stuff.

Laurel Papworth

Laurel Papworth is one of Australia’s real bloggerati. She writes regularly about online communities and how they’re Changing The World. She presented at Webjam 3, and I actually booed her presentation at a previous Webjam — and I’m looking forward to discussing our disagreement another time. Way cool.

Lee Hopkins

Lee Hopkins is a communicator from Adelaide who… well, check his website for more. He and I got along just fine once he asserted that if a PR company was paying for the wine, it was our moral duty to finish it.

Give that I hate “networking”, this is a good result. And to the others in the room, well, you were cool too but I just didn’t get to swapping cards etc. Next time.