Julie, I want to make you a star (in a Samantha Fox kind of way)

Julie… Julie Bishop, they just don’t appreciate you. I know they make fun of you on Facebook. But I think you’re a neo-con sex kitten.

And you know, when I linked to Samantha Fox singing Touch Me last week, that was just to make a joke about Andrew P Street. That was just me trying to be clever. I realise now that was so immature. Andrew means nothing to me. I’ve realised the truth — you’re as sexy as Samantha Fox ever was!

Photography comparing Samantha Fox with Julie Bishop

Julie… Julie Bishop, I don’t ever want anyone except you. Samantha Fox is just a cheap slut. Those lyrics… I can’t hear them now without thinking of you!

Like a tramp in the night
I was begging you
To treat my body like you wanted to

Those left-wing bastards at Crikey just make fun of you too. Unforgiveable! You have to meet George W Bush this week, you have to look your best, and they said:

New tie for Alexander Downer we expect! Julie Bishop combs her Safeway for the required 15 cans of Cedel.

Julie, they just don’t appreciate your beauty like I do. I know I write for Crikey sometimes but that doesn’t mean I share their narrow views.

Julie, will you be my neo-con sex kitten? Please?

15 Replies to “Julie, I want to make you a star (in a Samantha Fox kind of way)”

  1. Here is my angry comment demanding that I deserve credit for initially identifying the Julie Bishop/Sam Fox resemblance! (as well as making the neo-con sex kitten comment)

  2. @Snarky Platypus: You’re right. I never would have found my true love without you. But noticing that Julie is a neo-con sex kitten? No, you are not the first. Far from it.

  3. i would LOVE to see Julia on stage at the countdown spectacular 2 concerts – now that would be a hoot!
    did someone mention similar zipper positions on the two ladies???

  4. @robbie and Rhys: Welcome! In that early Sunday morning blur, when you’re not quite properly awake, you can flip between looking at a photo of Julie and that photo of Samantha and the two just kind of merge in your mind. The rhythm of the song matches the rhythm of your hand — and it feels so so good.

    Anyway I’d better have a shower now.

  5. I will only go see Julie Bishop if she’s on at The Enmore Theatre… or maybe The Metro in town.

  6. Funny as well (I thought so, anyway) on GNW the other week — gave out the snarky comments, took a few back, all in good humour… reminds of Amanda Vanstone in that respect….

    And the hair…

    Not big ugly, like Bishop’s was / is, but big in a sexy sort of way.

    I’ll stop now, before I get too carried away.

    PS.. You do know you’re unworthy of her don’t you ? Keyboards at dawn, for the right to stalk her .. name the date and place!

  7. @martin english: Oh, I didn’t mean to ignore your comment. I must’ve missed it. Perhaps I will take up your challenge. Stand by.

    @Dean: There are those who’d disagree with your comment… Perhaps Sam Fox’s pants are perfect just as they are.

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