Patch Monday: Why transport smart card projects go bad

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Melbourne’s $1.3 billion myki smart card ticketing system still hasn’t been rolled out to buses or trams even after experts were flown in two months ago. Sydney’s Tcard project was cancelled and now it’s starting again. What can we learn from these transport IT disasters?

hat’s what I spoke about in this week’s Patch Monday podcast, which I’m now posting on Friday. Slack, eh?

My guest is Tom Worthington who, apart from teaching computer science at the Australian National University, has a strong personal interest in transport ticketing systems.

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In Finland, they go buses good!

Finland makes our buses look crap, as well as our phones. “Every bus and tram in Helsinki and the surrounding cities of Vaanta and Espoo are being fitted with Linux servers and GPS units. Every bus and tram in the conurbation will not only become a wireless hotspot serving broadband internet throughout the vehicle — for free — but every bus and tram is visible on a Google map (the beta version is at that uses the same real-time passenger information as the controllers in their command centre.” Hat-tip to Guy Beres.