In Finland, they go buses good!

Finland makes our buses look crap, as well as our phones. “Every bus and tram in Helsinki and the surrounding cities of Vaanta and Espoo are being fitted with Linux servers and GPS units. Every bus and tram in the conurbation will not only become a wireless hotspot serving broadband internet throughout the vehicle — for free — but every bus and tram is visible on a Google map (the beta version is at that uses the same real-time passenger information as the controllers in their command centre.” Hat-tip to Guy Beres.

5 Replies to “In Finland, they go buses good!”

  1. I’d settle for a bus that arrived 10 minutes either side of when it was supposed to and actually took passengers. That seems completely beyond the abilities of the State Transit Authority.

  2. I shouldn’t have really started on public transport, eh? It’s something that the Victorians (the historical folk, not those from our southern state) seem to have been able to sort out but, for some reason, is impossible in the 21st Century.

    @’Pong: I think it could work quite well in Bangkok. The icons for the moving buses could be little smiling faces of Khun Thaksin.

  3. It’d be better if it was Samak, the puppet PM because he was actually ex-Transport Minister and ex-Bangkok Governor. You know he has got a the nose feature like John Howard has the eye brows feature.

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