Slack Sushi at Bondi

A sushi bar on Bondi Beach will pull punters without effort — and Sushi Train on Campbell Parade is the proof. The standard is way below its stablemate at Chatswood, the fast and convenient Sushi Train Express outlets in the Sydney CBD, and the superb Sushi Train Newtown.

On the evening of 21 February 2006 the sushi rolls lacked symmetry, as if the maker simply didn’t care. The wasabe bowls were stained with a pale brown scum. The lemon slice accompanying the deep-fried squid was dry, flaccid and unappealing, and the lettuce was so tired it was actually black at the edges.

And yet the punters rolled in. Obviously they always roll in. But this was not the tightly-run ship we expect from Sushi Train.

We ate only because we were hungry and short of time. While we weren’t poisoned, we won’t return.

Addendum: I also published this review at Eatability, only to be told:

Thank you for your review, Stilgherrian. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your comments to appear on the site. Note: Reviews may not be published in order of submission.

Two to three weeks? How slack is that!