The 9pm Public House Forum 1

The 9pm Edict's Public House Forum panel

The Cabbage for Immigration and Border Protection makes an apology. And there’s some useful lifestyle tips from Western Sydney.

This is the first Public House Forum episode of The 9pm Edict. Others may follow.

The panellists are Elisha Pearce from Fairfax Community News; Ginevra Martin, textile designer and IT lawyer; Karl Sinclair, a seminarian in the Diocese of Bathurst; and Dr Cat Dorey, science advisor for Greenpeace’s tuna campaign.

It was recorded in front of a live audience at the Australian Arms Hotel in Penrith on Saturday 12 September 2015.

In this podcast, there’s talk of western Sydney, lawyers, crime, fishing, human nature, and more.

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This is the third of several episodes produced as part of The 9pm Urgent Hardware Refresh, a crowdfunding campaign to replace a dying computer, and upgrade my audio recording kit. It has proved remarkably successful, for which I am extremely grateful.

The questions were posed by MEDIA FREEDOM ENLIGHTENED ONES Mick Fong, Byorgen Druffeldroff, Garth Kidd, Reselsnark, and someone who chooses to remain anonymous.

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[Photo: The 9pm Public House Forum panel photographed by James Turner. From left to right, Dr Cat Dorey, Stilgherrian, Elisha Pesce, Ginevra Martin, and Karl Sinclair.]